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 BSR offers a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere. We offer top quality care, feeds, and services with many options to suit you and your horse's individual needs. BSR offers several boarding options for your convenience including Full Board, Partial Board, and Self-Care Board.

 We believe in caring for every horse as if it was our own. Boarded horses receive personalized care, up to 24 hour per day turnout in good weather, matted stalls, and a feed plan designed to meet their individual dietary needs. Horses can enjoy many acres of rotated, fenced grass pasture in the summer on the north an south sides of the property. Boarders have use of the new indoor and outdoor riding arenas with sand and crumb rubber footing, multiple tack rooms, and access to the state trail system- a short 5 minute walk away. We have 17 stalls including multiple indoor/outdoor living situations to enable our horses to enjoy a more natural way of living full time.



*Custom feed plans for each horse


*Very high quality grains weighed on our digital scale, so you can be certain your horse is getting exactly the right amount at each meal


*Owner-provided supplements fed at no additional charge


*First-cutting hay is fed up to 4 times daily depending on the season.  Second cutting is also available at an additional cost.


*Stalls are cleaned daily.


*Horses are turned out daily as much as possible frequently 24 hours per day, weather permitting. Small group turn outs

 Service Options Available:


*Lessons and Training Available




*Fly Masks/boots On/Off


*Clipping (Trims only)




*Braiding Manes/Tails




*Holding for Vet/Farrier




*Administring Medications


*Basic First Aid


*Heated Buckets/Stall Fans


(All prices subject to change without notice. All Prices include sales tax)

Full Care Stall Board

   *Includes bedding, stall cleaning, feeding, turnout, and blanketing.  Up to 6 pounds of grain/day and up to 1 bale of hay/day (approx. 40lb square bales) is included. Owner supplied supplements fed at no additional charge.


Partial Care Stall Board

 *Includes feeding, turnout, 2/3 bale hay/day, and 2 pounds grain/day. Owners are responsible for bedding and cleaning their stalls daily. Owner provided supplements fed at no additional charge.


Self Care Stall Board

   *Includes feeding and turnout. Owners are responsible for purchasing hay, grain, and bedding, and for cleaning their stalls daily. Owner provided supplements fed at no additional charge.  


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