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About Us

Baker School of Riding is one of the premier equine facilities in the Syracuse area. Located in Phoenix, NY, we are just 25 minutes from downtown Syracuse, 20 minutes to Cicero, and just 10-15 minutes from Baldwinsville, Liverpool, and Fulton. Operating since 2009, we moved to our current facility in 2010 in order to be able to offer our students a wider range of services and amenities. Rapidly expanding, we are able to offer horse boarding, horseback riding lessons, and horse training services year round in our beautiful indoor riding arena.



BSR offers lessons in Dressage, western dressage, seat lessons, and ground lessons. Baker School of Riding provides students with a well-rounded equestrian education extending from the basics of grooming and safe horse handling, through advanced level riding, horse care, and showing with our experienced instructors. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for every student where they can learn, be successful, and enjoy all that horses have to offer.



We strive to develop horsemen and women, educated in not only riding, but in as many aspects of the horse world as possible. Whether you are a new rider or someone who has been riding for years, we try to go above and beyond to be certain that every individual has a very solid, correct foundation, and to eliminate any possible holes or gaps in your training to help you reach your goals.



We put an emphasis on correct equitation from a classical perspective to develop effective riders. We teach the rider to move with her horse in balance, to develop feel, and to be able to use the seat, weight, leg, and rein aids correctly, at the right moments, to positively influence and help the horse develop in the right way, at the horse's own pace.


We utilize the training scale daily, starting with rider balance, position, relaxation, understanding, coordination, suppleness, and poise, progressing to helping the horse first find his natural rhythm and tempo, then relaxation, contact, impulsion, straightness, suppleness, and finally, collection.   




Customer Reviews

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"My daughter, Sarah, has been taking lessons with BSR since the spring of 2010. Laura is a very knowledgeable, patient and motivated instructor. Sarah has grown steadily in her skills and confidence while working with her--there is always a goal to work towards, balanced with the satisfaction of achievement. Besides weekly lessons Sarah also participates in the Apprentice Program on Saturday mornings. This program especially has given my daughter experience and instruction to help her work toward her goal of someday owning her own horse. As a parent I especially appreciate that safety and cleanliness are given a high priority at BSR."

Jen C. 

"I have been with BSR for just over two years now, and love it! Laura is a fantastic instructor. She really knows her stuff – on and off the saddle. I have been riding most of my life, but none of my previous instructors really taught me how to effectively use my seat (among other aids). She has been working with me on filling this crack in my foundation, and what a difference it makes – a more enjoyable ride for both me and the horse! She promotes a safe, fun learning environment, and offers lots of extras, such as the Working Student program and different group activities. I highly recommend BSR!"

Amy B.

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