Meet the Horses

Abby is a BSR Lesson Horse. She is a nice little mare for our intermediate students. She is forward, calm, and is a nice mover.
Gulliver is a boarded horse. He is a lovely guy that knows his stuff! He is calm and patient under saddle, likes to jump, do dressage, and trail ride.
Splash is a 17 year old 16h Appaloosa gelding who is a part of our lesson program. Splash is a very laid back guy, and safely carries even our littlest riders!
Lucky is boarded horse. He is loaded with personality and is a really good boy. He is a rock star at horse shows and gives his rider lots of confidence off the farm.
Grapa is a BSR lesson horse. Grapa is a 23 year old BLM mustang. He is a really laid back guy. He goes english and western, likes to trail ride, and is a solid jumping horse as well.
Black is owned by BSR. He is one of the largest horses we have on the farm and also has the biggest personality! He's a big ham. He wants to be friends with everyone, and everyone wants to be friends with him! He rides very nicely in the arena, but he really shines out on the trail, his favorite thing! He is the best horse to help other horses gain confidence on the trail, and is just as happy going out with just his rider. He is tons of fun to ride!
Misty is a really fun horse to ride. She is Laura's personal horse, and also teaches some lessons to riders of all ability levels. Her long flowing forelock makes her look like a unicorn!
Lucy is boarded at BSR and is also used for lessons. She is a fantastic horse to ride for all ability levels, and goes western and English.
Gwen is boarded here at BSR. Gwen just made the long move from Virginia Beach and is getting used to our New York weather! She is a very sweet mare and is enjoying her time with her new friends, Lucy and Angel!
Whiskey is boarded here at BSR, and is a 14 year old, 14.3 paint gelding. He is a very sweet, funny horse who knows lots of different tricks, including how to bow and smile!
Quincy is a BSR lesson horse. He is an awesome guy around the farm and away at shows, or just relaxing on the trail!
Willow is a boarder owned pony. She is such a cutie! She's a smart, willing girl who is happy to be making a fresh start at the farm.
Maggie was laid to rest in Spring of 2020. She was our original lesson horse, and we miss her very much!
Annie was owned by BSR and was a fantastic pony! She was one of our favorite lesson horses. Annie was very confident traveling to horse shows and clinics, and was a favorite for many riders. Annie was laid to rest in the Spring of 2018, and we miss her very much.
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Quincy is a BSR lesson horse. He is an awesome guy around the farm and away at shows, or just relaxing on the trail!